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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to send a huge thank you to healing with horses and wildrose horse farm I got to rebuild some of the motor skills and smell the fresh hay along with the smell of the horses.  The staff was knowledgeble, kind, and so very motivating! One of the best days I have had in a very long time. Spent time with the horses. I was encouraged to relax taught how to breathe. Everything was upbeat and positive. I love this therapeutic riding center.  They designed a program just for me.  The staff was sensitive I can't wait to return. This is a special place. Everyone should come to Healing With Horses in Uncasville,CT

Chris M, Plainfield, CT    

" I have my eyes on YOU"

Hi... I love you all and all your horses. I loved horse camp and running our own business. This helped me focus on my school work and helped me relax and deal with issues I had and will continue to have in my life.  You guys are the best. I will be volunteering this spring to help pay you back for all you have done and besides I miss you all. Especially Domino and Pegasus. I am so happy for this website so I can keep in touch.  Lee thank you for tutoring me in English. It did make a difference. 

Thank you,

Jamie.....Plainfield, CT 10/23/2014

Hi Everyone!!


I love being at WildRose Horse Farm Healing with Horses. Everyone is so nice!! It's like a huge family. Lee treats us all with respect and communicates riding lessons with humor that makes us understand how the horse works. He taught me all about diagonals and half passes. He also taught me how to communicate with my horse. I have worked at a couple of therapeutic riding farms already they were very strict sometimes mean and some places I took riding lessons I got yelled at.  Not here!!! Everything is ended on a positive note. All the staff works so hard. Mr Lee had to work a different job and run this farm. All the lessons were personalized around my needs. They keep lessons private which gives me one on one time with my horse and instructor. We all can't wait to get there and I don't speak for myself. We enjoy the horse camp and love being there. Thank You for allowing me the privilege to ride at your facility.

Jessie, Canterbury, CT

Dear Lee and Shari


Thanks so much for being a guest on my show. You were great. Because of you many lives are transformed for the better! Keep up the good work. Where would we be without horses? Would love to do a follow up oh the PTSD for veterans. Met a fascinating former Marine that works as a volunteer on your staff. See you on the farm! 

Rosetta J, Waterford, CT

Hi Lee and Shari,


I wanted to take the time to thank you for introducing me to you wonderful horses and the visit to your farm. You were both so knowledgeable, very warm and kind. I could see the passion you both have for helping all people and the pride you take in your programs and the safety of your clients ad staff. Your horses were the sweetest most docile therapists I have ever met. I am very excited about starting lessons with your facility. I could see you put an inordinate amount of work into your grounds and personalizing your programs. Your book of programs was self explanitory. Your staff is very safety concious and personable. They are also very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. If there is anything you need do not hesitate to ask. You are all great.

Marie Caldral, Scotland, CT

Pegasus Dreamer
Caught Sleeping on the Job!

Hello wildrose

A Huge Thank you to you and your volunteers. My daughter has been coming to your farm riding for 4 years. Thanks to you she has gained confidence and so much knowledge. She has become a considerate young woman. Your horse camp was the best thing she got involved in.  All the horse shows and fun that Mr. Lee showed the girls helped her gain so much self esteem. She was heading down the wrong path before I signed her up for your Kre8ive Horse Kamp.  She learned how to budget, do fundraisers, run a business and be on a board of directors something she would not have been taught inside the box so to speak in regular school.  You all take individual interest in all the students there. I would tell any parents to sign their child up this unique camp. Continue the wonderful work you all do with all these children and now Veterans and Youth with emotional and cognitive disorders.  You are great !! If I had a million dollars it would all go to your non profit!

Debbie Ivers, 11-25-2014 Plainfield, CT


Doc Spotted Bear
Ima Cowboy

October 18, 2013

Hi To Shari and Lee,

I remember visiting you when you first started out. You kept in touch with me. I wanted to reach out and send you this donation in the hopes it will help bring your horses some fresh hay. I have noticed also some people have no idea what a non profit is. Let me tell you people. This place called Healing With Horses is what a non profit should stand for. You all should get paid. I of all people know what it is like to start something and stay driven and determined to make it work. I hope my journey continues so I may be able to donate to you again next year. Bless you all.

Rosanne, Cromwell, CT 


Hi Healing With Horses,


I want to say thank you for having patience and taking the time to allow me to understand myself. I learned alot about myself through your smart beautiful horses. Not to mention your knowledgable staff. You are not a typical therapy center. People may want to take the time to see what you are all about and how unselfish you are. You are all hard workers and are always smiling. You had to start your life over again. I merely had to reapply myself not a huge change to make but you allowed me to figure out I was the only one that could fix myself. You took your time and no matter what my excuses were you were understanding and patient.  May I add you knew me better than I knew myself. You believed in me and listened to me when noone else did.  I made mistakes and none of you  judged me. I want to say thank you.

Morgan - Taftville, CT   


This Note came to us from a return client who has been with us for years dated  01-08-2016

To my friends at Healing With Horses, 

I have been through so much in this life of mine. I always come back to you. You are always here for me. I love you all even the ones who have moved on in their life. You have all touched my life in a very special way. I could probably name most of you that have worked so hard with your clients and to keep the loving horses happy and healthy. It is difficult work. I pray for you all to have a wonderful holiday in 2015 and the best of New Year for 2016. To Shari and Lee who do their very best to keep your staff happy I also know this is a difficult job. People dont realize how hard you work without pay. I am asking everyone that comes across this note I have sent to please donate to your wonderful cause. Because of Sherrys accident she pulled herself back together after years of hard and painful work and began these wonderful programs to help all in need both horses, animals and people. I  remembered this is the anniversary of your accident and feel blessed to know you. To Lee You work another job to help make sure the animals there are fed and cared for. The emotional stress you all must go through can take its toll on all of you. Yet you still give from your hearts. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope you succeed beyond the heavens. Your friend always Pam!

January 12, 2017 

Dear Healing with Horses,

My 11 year old daughter suffered from many emotional challenges. She has improved in choosing healthier friends, her grades have improved tremendously her panic attacks have nearly subsided. Your staff is patient and knowledgable. Your prices are reasonable. She spent years attending talk therapy with no change. Your facility is magical. We almost lost hope until we found your farm. wh reccomment anyone suffering from emotional challenges to attend your facility. We hold you in high regard and thank you very much.

Bless all your staff and animals. People donate to this wonderful local non profit. They work wonders.

With great respect and thanks,




HI Guys    April 7, 2017

I want  to tell  everyone how great you all are. The horses are a dream.They have been treated well and are taken care of . This is the most relaxed place to come for anykind of horse learning or riding. I was on a waiting list before I got in. They dont crowd people in they rely on your donations and support. There programs are suited to fit your needs. Come out and meet them at the Fundraiser on Saturday June 2017. 

Love you all Stef - Norwich, CT

To all Staff of Healing With Horses,

Your place is outstanding . It has an ora and positive happy energy.Everyone is so very kind. I don't understand why people don't give more to you in donations. If anyone reads this please give. They are such hard workers, they rescue horses and ponies along with other  animals. You treated me with dignity and respect always laughter. You are all so knowledable about horses and how they communicate and interact with people. I plan on giving monthly and will tell everyone I know about your non profit. Bless you all and I am wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Yours truely,  Beth 04/03/2018 



Over the past several years we have recieved so many letters of appreciation from participants or their family members. We decided we would share them with you. Please enjoy reading about what we do here at "Healing With Horses".

WildRose Staff,

May 04, 2014

Mikayla's morning couldn't have been more special. ♥ Ya'll went above and beyond.. not to mention, made her feel right at home! ♥ She is determined to get her tush right on back and soon. She loved getting to know ya'll.. and the other people there. She was in love with Toby from Hello, then shortly there after charmed by Austin and Simba. She also thought Nick was pretty cool too... (for a BOY) On a serious note, Lee there is something amazing about the feeling of Healing with Horses. It's a quiet calm, that encourages you to be okay. There is an awesome laughter that bubbles up inside.. because you are SAFE. You created something like no other. It's AMAZING. ♥ As a mom of two children, each with their own special needs, I can honestly say I don't hand out compliments like this easily. The acceptance and unconditional patience you show with clients is awesome. The Farm is easily manageable for people dealing with all levels of emotional traumas and no staff looked at anyone in judgement or uncaring ways. Your staff is awesome & loving. Seriously, i wanna take them all home with me. :) GOD BLESS all of you. IT'S not just a staff there, it's a FAMILY. Your seriously all, heart touching Angels... :). Today you were Mikayla's and for that I thank you bunches! :-)

Amber, RI 

Dear Lee,

I have been bringing my 8 year old daughter Kaylee to WildRose Horse Farm since April 2007 for riding lessons. The reason we went to WildRose is because Kaylee had been diagnosed with the motor disorder Dyspraxia, also Apraxia a delayed speech developement disorder. In my research of these disorders, I found out about "Hippo" Therapy and how it benefits those with this diagnosis. It was shortly after I found out that there was such a thing as Therapeutic Horse Back Riding. I was lucky enough to find Lee and Shari. Since Kaylee had been going to WildRose I have seen and been a part of everything going on there. It's hard to measure how much Kaylee progressed in one particular therapy due to the different types we are trying , but I can certainly say that I see Kaylee growing and becoming more focused. From what I have seen at wildrose, I need to give Lee and Shari credit for what they have done helping to get Kaylee to where she is at in her therapy.

At WildRose Kaylee is in a structured invironment with her best interest in mind. She is consistantly being encouraged to speak and use her voice to communicate with the horses. Lessons always include motor skill improvement and confidence building. I see this all being beneficial to Kalee as she is growing, becoming more confident and disciplined. I also see that while we were at WildRose attention was never taken off of Kaylee. If she needs to focus more on a particular skill, it is identified and worked on. We will continue to go to wildrose as long as we can. I feel that Lee and Shari really care about their students and show that by giving them attention, structure, customizing each lesson to meet the students needs and offering the opportunities to become more involved with the farm...Brent Lewis. Westerly RI 

To Healing With Horses,

 I want to take a moment to say thank you and let you know how happy I was being a part of your facility. I am older now and learned alot from your horse camp. I remember how much fun we had every Saturday. I never wanted to miss a day. Sometimes I wish I was that age again back riding with all the girls. I have all the photos of the horse shows. I remember you cried when the two girls had the pairs dressage demonstration. Your happiness overwhelmed me. You always made me smile and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I remember Lee doind his own dressage and cooking burgers for all of us on Saturday. That was a special time for me in my life and wish again i was back in time. Thank you for the places you tooks us, Equine Affair, Hore Shows, the grain store. It is all in my memory like it was a moment ago. When I have kids I will bring them back to your place and hope they get as much out of it and have as much fun as I did. Thank you so much Lee and Shari


Your Horse Camp Girl, Norwich, CT



Hello Healing With Horses Staff,

Enclosed is a check for $150.00 to use for the hay you need for your horses. I saw the spot on Television news that you needed help and I know what it feels like to need help - so here is a little bit of assistance. Give a hug to each of the horses for me and give a hug to yourself too.  I wish you the best and hope many more donations come your way. God bless.

Rosanne, Cromwell, CT 


October 09, 2014

My sister saw your interview on TV and told me about your work withhorses. Everyday my mailbox contains a request from a charity. In this current economy many are in need of help.  You didnt ask but the work youre doing speaks for itsself. God Bless you. I wish I could do more to help.  Pat- Bellingham, Mass

Sept 17, 2014

You make such a huge difference in the lives of so many. I wanted to reach out to thank you for all you do. This is your dream to help horses and people with disabilities and youth at risk. Be proud of your accompishments. You are makig a difference in so many lives. Sincerely, The Delorso's - woodstock, CT



Bless all who work and volunteer to keep the horses healthy as well as the therapeutic side of things. We admire what you do and your dedication. May you always have peace and may others see what you all do to extend yourselves to help others in need, You are all very giving and unselfish. I pray others step forward and reach out to lyou all. You should do well with your grants, Reach for their hearts as you did with mine. You will remain in my heart and prayers.

Julie S Barkhamsted CT


 Dear Healing With Horses, Horses and Staff,
Happy New Year, May your year become financilly wealthy, I wish you all the very best, The staff and the Horses, I want you all become as wealthy in your wallets as you are in your deeds and in your hearts. You have done so much for me. I have so much to be thankful for. You taught me all I know about horses and opened a door to my inner spirit. The time you spent teaching us they ways of the horse were unselfish. You deserve the very best. Healing With Horses will soon become a household conversation. I will always be rooting for you all. Keep posting those updates Shari with those you make me smile. I think you have brought smiles to the hearts of many. Please post me letter in your office and on your website. You all have a special gift. Dont change anything about yourselves. Bless you all
Your friend from RI    

Shari and Lee,

My son had many issues yet you didnt turn him away. You worked with him as long as you could. Others gave up on him or told us they had a waiting list. We barely paid you and you took us anyway just to help my son. People today just dont do that anymore. Thankyou for my heart for all you have done for him. He is well and living in a home. He has no outbursts anymore and smiles more than he ever did. We have kept the photo of Domino for him. It always makes him smile. I just found out Domino passed  in 2012 I am so sorry for his loss. He was a great therapy horse. Domino gave my son strengh, courage and great self esteem, He speaks of Domino all the time. Continue your passion. You are loved and respected for all you do for everyone. I hope to stop by and see you soon.

Mari, Canterburry, CT

Dec 15, 2014 


Hello to Staff,  06-12-2015

Thank you so much for allowing my daughter into your Horse Camp Scholarship Program. She is learning alot about herself through the horses. She has made many improvements and she is happier. I cannot thank you all enough. Keep up all that you do and I wish you all good health and hope people begin to send donations. You do so much for the animals and the people that come to your facility. God Bless.

Casha Brown, Plainfield, CT




Thank you to all of you,

It is because of all of your hard work love and support I found peace Lee and Shari and the Staff of Healing with Horses along with their gorgeous horses provided me with a new outlook and set of communication skills that will last me a lifetime. I support your efforts and all you do. If I had all the money in the world it would go to your mission. Bless you all.

Lil 06052017 


To all the humans and animals at Healing With Horses 
When I came to you I was beyond broken. I thought all I wanted to do was ride. I had
no idea how much there was to learn about horses, understanding them and how they live.
I learned so much from you all. I agree that without the ground work and base knowledge you all taught
to me. Horses taught me so many lifes lessons. I became so open to their love then everytime I arrived
at the farm I would begin to cry. Not from sadness at all. From being honored to be in the presence of the horses. They
are the best teachers of love, understanding and compassion and you all at Healing With Horses helped show me the way
to live in the moment as it comes to me. Plan for my future and learn from my past. Thank you all very much.
With love always,
Sandy D.  05152019 

January 01, 2015 

Beautiful and wonderful day at Healing with Horses, my home away from home. I love you all. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure to sit on my Toby Boy!! Love You. You are always respectful and greet everyone with a smile. Your programs actually work for the kids. The horses have changed our lives. By introducing the herd to kids it show and how a herd works like a family. Your kindness and generosity allows you to stand out as you all give of yourselves above and beyond. Thank you,  Jillian Robinson , Killingly CT


Sept 2015

Hello to the Staff,

We all enjoyed the Chili Contest, My family had a wonderful time so professional and organized. You have beautiful well kept horses with wonderful personalities as well as your outgoing kind staff. We will see you at your next event. The Mc Lure family. Manchester, CT 


Hello Shari, Kaleigh, Lee and Staff,

The website is more than cool. I knew I was among professionals, human and horses alike. Seriously impressed with the bios. The site is too awsume for words. I will forward this to as many as I can and will Email those not on facebook. I feel so lucky you found me. I look forward to spending more time with you and the horses. I think what you do is so very special. Thank you for all that you do.

Pam Madore, Vernon, CT 05-01-2014


Hello to all the Staff of Healing With Horses,

The focus is on me always concerned about my feelings and personalized. What a wonderful non profit not only are they helping horses they are personable and professional. They treated me with respect and catered to all my needs. I suffer from PTSD and TBI both Shari and Lee had knowledge for all my issues. Shari also suffers from the same and her personal knowledge is beyond belief. I would highly recommend Healing With Horses to anyone. I called other facilities and my calls were not returned. They immediately returned my call and asked me in for an intake where they asked me several questions to help me achieve my goals. Please donate to them. They do wonderful work and always have the best interest of the horses and clients in mind. I will continue my journey with them and support them. Please follow in my footsteps.  Please give to a wonderful cause!   Lisa Krella, Canterbury CT 07/12/2014,

To all of Healing With Horses,

You have all done so much for me. Please accept this donation to go toward helping the horses anyway they need care. You continue to keep me close to you all at your facility. I always feel special when I am around you all! The horses mean so much to me and have made a huge positive impact in my life. What I have learned about myself is amazing. I know I will continue to learn. Your classes touched me. What you do for everyone touches the lives of so many. Please continue in the work you do I will support you in any way I can. God Bless.

Sherri Galant, Hartford, CT  10-18-2014 

Dear Lee and Shari,

My daughter has been a part of your youth program for over three months and has turned into a respectful young lady. I do believe all that you have shown her through the love of your rescue horses impacted her life. Your staff are the most knowledgable, respectful and kind group of people I have met in one place. When my daughter arrived from Natchaug I thought she would not apply herself to your program. The horses changed her. She became conciencious, responsible and learned which friends she was hanging around with were not the best to have in her life. Your sessions in communication and equine communication were not stories they were the simple truth how horses live and survive in the wild through instintive actions. Allowing her to become bonded to the horse she adored made a huge difference in her life. She has asked if she could return this summer to visit Pegasus, Renegade an her other favorites. You took my call and remembered who we were. We will be at your June 7th benefit 2015. I will give you a call to schedule a private session with her. We read your newsletter on your website and enjoy the hand written cards you send our way. That personal touch has been long gone. It was so nice to see it continues to exist in this world. Thank you  for all your help. See you soon. Jean Plainfield, CT  01/22/2015



To the Staff at WildRose Horse Farm

October 02, 2014

We mention you to everyone we know. You took in our child who we know is a handful to work with and we thank you.  The fact that he was turned down by other Equine Assisted Therapy place in the area appalls our family. You all are so compassionate and even more reasonably priced than the other facilities. My son may never walk but I will tell you this. He is happy and just to hear him laugh during is lesson brings tears to our eyes. Our family is greatful. We hope you get some Angel Sponsors for the things you need at your facility you all deserve it .From our family to your staff we wish you good health, happiness, the health of the horses and most of all that people look at how deserving you all are and how hard you all work and your sincerity is way above average. For all this our family thanks you all!

Sincerely and forever greatful  

Maryanne - Sterling, CT 



Healing Staff,

Thank you to Kayte and Brehan for being honest here. It is also my weekly therapy. Sometimes I come twice a week to ground myself. Having been in "traditional therapy" was helpful in the past, but I feel that by coming here I can see a lot clearer as to what is troubling me. Doc is one of my buddies too and I am becoming part of "the herd" verses being on the outside looking in. This is what healing is about.

Megan Z. Norwich,CT




Lee & Sheri ~
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first “Yoga On Horseback” experience.   It was wonderful!!!
It is impossible to describe the feeling of complete relaxation and being one with my horse “Doc”.
Lee is a wonderful instructor.  I became so absorbed in the experience, I almost forgot he was there.  His affection for all animals is obvious.
I cannot wait for my next session.
Ellen McMahonWaterford, Ct.

Dear Healing With Horses Staff,  12-21-2012

My daughter suffers from ADHD and Anxiety which changes her behavior. When she first came to you she was unfocused and had no self esteem.  We have been with you for 8 months and what a change in my daughter. She had come so far , her grades have improved she is aware of her surroundings and has learned self pride. We want to thank you for all your hard work including taking the time to design a program that suits her. We are spreading the word. Anyone out there please DONATE to these professional caring people.  Without your funding  they will not be able to help other people like us.  Merry Christmas and  Happy New year to you all.

Thank you so very much

Barb 12-22-2014 East Hartford, CT

Dear Shari, 
I heard from three donors, all were so impressed with your notes. Something that is seldom seen in today's busy world. Jennifer had several student's over the years who faced more than the usual challenges life presents. The bond they shared remained strong, this was the reason my daughter Mia and I searched the Internet for a special place that reflected her love of horses and the bond that heals.
There is no need for a disclosure of an amount, we would like to thank those who sent a donation in Jen's name.
Thank you all for your gracious handling of what may have been an unusual request. We hope that your goals are reached beyond any hopes you all may have,
Mary Ann and Mia Pinto 
February 19, 2013


Hello and Thank you to the Healing With Horses Staff,


Your programs changed my life. You accepted me for who I was. Your new trainer Kaleigh is so knowledgable and kind. She taught me so much. I look forward to returning after the inclement weather. Congradulations all of you on your grant from the Petit Family Foundation. It came to you well deserved. I hope  others take the time to see what you all have to offer and how much work you put into all that you do. Whether it be creating a program or personalizing a program for someone with specific special needs. You have all impacted my life in the most positive way. Shari you should be very proud of yourself, writing grant proposals takes alot of time. You have recreated yourself through your own rehabilitation. I know you have disabilities that you cannot change but you deal with your life in such a positive way and are so open to helping others it brings tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful person. Oh and Happy Birthday to you also.

Hugs Always,

Michelle, - Westport, CT 



Heailng With Horses STAFF,

I have seen you all come a long way. What you do to help those in need is far beyond what I can say in words, I will continue to pray for you all to keep up the good work and stay stong. My donation is enclosed. You were there for me when I needed help most. Bless you ALL

Maryanne, Plalnfield, CT 11-10-2015


03-22-2016~My daugher joined your Saturday horse camp. She suffers from anxiety disorder and ADHD she had been making many wrong decisions.  She has changed in so many ways. We wish to Thankyou  for helping our daughter make so many positive changes through your program.. Learning  about herself through the horses is a blessing. She has made many improvements and she is happier. I cannot thank you all enough. Keep up all that you do. Your facility is outstanding we wish you all the best. You take such great care of all the animals. We will spread the word about you. Bless You

06-02-16 Dear Staff,

Thanks to all of you for your compassion, kindness and

empathy. You are all angels. My son has gained self worth and

many new exciting hobbies. He has come out of his shell for that

I thank and bless you all. Always Nancy