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 Doc's Spotted Bear
Leopard Appaloosa Age 32
"In loving Memory"

Doc, with his flashy leopard coat and big brown eyes, seemed to have his own philosophy with regard to Equine Assisted Therapy. He loved everyone and did anything participants asked of him. Regardless of age or stature Doc adjusted well with the gang after being rescued and soon became in high demand because he was not only gentle and calm but he was also the biggest of the horses. Doc had a great sense of humor and was a jokester by commonly knocking brushes and water bottles off fence posts or checking your pockets for any extra tidbits of food. Doc also loved cheese doodles, which he got only on special occasions. 




Pegasus Dreamer

  Morgan Thoroughbred Cross Age 34 Passed Saturday January 09, 2016

"In loving Memory" 

Pegasus arrived at WildRose (before we were Healing With Horses) with his sidekick Mr.Domino as an older teenager in horse years. He expressed an interest in people with disabilities. Shari would visit Pegasus while beginning her recovery and transition trying to find her way back to a somewhat normal existence after her near fatal auto accident. Through her pain and struggle, Pegasus was her best friend. He knew her strengths and weaknesses and understood her needs better than any therapist or physician. Shari explains, “I felt strong and proud with him. He heard me laugh and cry.  He was so patient with me as I tried to regain strength to ride. He would never hurt me as my bond with him became deep. He never did hurt me and would never hurt anyone else. His persistence and patience as he watched me struggle made him become one of the most unsurpassed Therapeutic Horses I could ever encounter.” Pegasus touched the lives of many people going through various challenges. Our entire staff misses him dearly.




Mr. Domino Effect

  Purebred Appaloosa Age 30 Passed away on February 14, 2012

"In loving Memory"

Domino was rescued along with Pegasus Dreamer. He taught self healing along with equine communication and activities. He was prevalent in dressage, trail and road riding. He was loved by staff, clients, and visitors alike. Domino could be trusted with young children and was a great herd leader. He and Pegasus got Shari on her feet from a horrific auto accident. He was empathic and could read people which helped them achieve their personal goals. Surprisingly he had a sense of humor that brought laughter to many. His loss was devastating to many including Shari and her dear friend Sanna. He brought so much joy to many. His lessons were surreal as he allowed people to prosper, improve self control, self-esteem and empowerment. We miss his great character here on our farm.     






Santa Fes Indy aka "Indy"

Pinto Tobiano Age 12 


Indy was introduced to us from a wonderful friend who felt Indy would be a wonderful fit for our facility. Indy is good at his job helping our challenged clients and our Youth at Risk children.  We are more than pleased to add him to our herd. Indy is gentle laid back and is very empathetic and aware of human emotions. He is also very beautiful. Indy has adjusted well to our farm and seems to love his new horse (and human) friends.   Indy is a wonderful added horse friend to our facility.







Renegade "The Outlaw"

Blue Roan Paint-Appaloosa Cross Age 15

Renegade, or Renny for short, was rescued from an abusive situation by Ray of Light Farm. This poor boy was found in a dark stall at the back of a barn. He was given a loving home in January of 2010. He is gentle and patient with children. He has helped children especially our Youth at Risk. Renegade enjoys people and being groomed, along with eating as much fresh grass as he can get. He finds a way to lighten any situation and put a smile on the faces of others. His kindness is advantageous to participants in our Equine Assisted Therapy Programs. Many riders feel more comfortable starting out on Renegade due to his short stature.




Heart of Plaudit
"aka" Twister, Leopard Appaloosa Age 12

Heart of Plaudit was rescued from the high floods in Arkansas and was delivered to the farm within three days. He was given the name "Twister" due to his rough start of being born in the middle of a tornado at birth back west. He arrived cold and scared at the age of one and a half. Twister is sweet and gentle, despite his traumatic experiences He fit into the herd as if he were always a member of the family. Everyone who comes to the farm immediately falls in love with him. He has everything to offer and acts as the caretaker for all the other horses. Twister is currently available for our "Caring With Combs" Program.





Shetland Pony Mini Cross  Age 20

Jimmeh brought new excitement Healing With Horses upon his arrival. Jimmeh was a rescue and donated to the farm by Wayne Budney of the CT Farm Bureau. He has many looks with his Tina Turner hair style. He will most certainly bring a smile to anyone's face. He loves to lick, kiss, and hug people and is very good at tricks. Children and adults adore him. Jimmeh has been in our home and will be used as a therapy pony to visit nursing homes and schools. He loves to be petted and enjoys children. Jimmeh is in our "Caring with Combs" program for those people without full range of motion and want to groom or bond with a horse. He is the sixth addition to the Family.





Romancin Jewel
"aka" Toby, Registered Paint, Pinto & QH Age 12 
Toby came to us from North Dakota as a crypyorchid at the age of six months. He was in need of training and surgery. Horses internal organs are free floating which may cause complications or death. We took a chance with Toby in the hopes we could give him a good life. Mr Terry out of Texas started him under saddle at age 3. The gelding procedure was a success. He had been placed in our equine therapy program for many years.Their bond was incredible. Toby was rehomed last year.