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Charter Oak Awards Grant to Healing With Horses

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Shari and Pegasus Dreamer


*PLEASE TAKE NOTICE *Sandals and Flip-Flops are prohibited AROUND HORSES


Effective Immediately - It has always been mandatory for all volunteers to take a Safety Certification Classes prior to volunteering for any reason!
The safety training classes are $250.00 and must be paid prior to starting your volunteer training this includes community service.We seek mature dependable volunteers starting at age 17. We do have volunteer classes on Saturdays which is a paid learning experience. Call for information.


My Picture Book - by Shari




 Tigger (Mr. Tiggs) We rescued him from Critter Calvery Rescue. They are a wonderful adoption agency. We highly recommend them. You will not be dissappointed

SAFETY AND CERTIFICATION CLASSES - We are continuing to offer our "Safety and Certification" programs to all volunteers here at Healing With Horses at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. Call for Openings in OUR Next Certification and Safety Classes. Learn emergency techiniques, Equine First Aid, Basic Aids for Riding, Breeds, Safety around Horses, Instructor, Leader and Side Walker techniques. Therapeutic Riding Basics and Much More. Testing and Certification.. Classes fill quickly. If you are volunteering at our facility you must take our certified safety classes. Education is not free. Volunteers must be age 17 mature and dependable and work their scheduled days. We charge for our safety training classes so you are invested in your knowledge. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We are ALWAYS in need of staff volunteers to sign up for Riding Instructors and Side Walkers. You must be certified through our facility to volunteer here.
We provide Safety and Training Classes for all New Volunteers WHICH include Instructors, Side Walkers, Groomers and Tackers. All Volunteers are required to take these "Safety Certification Classes". Call ASAP to register for our current available classes beginning. Our facility will continue to offer Certification. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Instructor. Total funds are due at the start of program. This will Certify you in "HWH" General Instruction" by our facilities safety standards.

If you are interested in Therapeutic Instructor Certification with "HWH" we offer classes for Certified Equine Assisted Therapy Instructors. These classes are more involved and directed toward Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT). This class is pivotal before learning techniques for advancment. .

*** PLEASE TAKE NOTICE *** There is a weight Limit of 185 lbs for horseback riding. We offer mostly groundwork and horse communication here at the farm.

VISITORS -- Visitors are always welcome by appointment only at the farm. Call for your appointment.

Please help our rescue horses. We here at Healing With Horses are in need of funding for our winter hay supply. We must place an order prior to August first to insure our 4 legged therapists have their winter hay supply. Please help us keep... our horses fed they work so hard to help all people with special needs. Being a 501(c)3 non profit charity any dollar amount is a tax write off for the donor.