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Our horses need your support. As a non profit it is difficult to get support for the horses who are always in need of Hay, Grain, Suppliments, Hay Stretcher, Weight Up, Beat Pulp, Timothy, Orchard Grass, Alpha Cubes, Salt and Mineral Blocks, Fly Spray Annual Booster shots, Vet Emergencies, Shoeing and Farrier Trims. These rescues cannot help people if they are not in good health.
We need your help please consider becoming an Equine Angel Advocate to help support a horse of your choice. They need grooming, bonding and love. Please find it in your heart to share the love for a rescue of your choice. If you do not wish to give cash places like Tractor Supply, Agway or Flemings give gift certificates to go directly to the horse you choose. The Horses below need you. You can make a one time donation or monthly donation through our secure website below. You can also make a Tax Deductable Donation by check to Healing with Horses and mail to our address.


Renegade the Outlaw aka Rene

Rene thanks Lee Terry for his donations.


Doc's Spotted Bear aka DOC

Doc thanks Shari Rosati-Terry for caring.


Heart of Plaudette aka Twister

Twister thanks Lee Terry




Jimmeh thanks Stephanie Vinyard.


Santa Fes Indy aka Indy

Indy thanks Shari Rosati for loving him.

                                                          Please call 860.912.1557 for information
                                                Make a Secure online Donation.
                                            Click photo above make a difference.